• About

    STH WPOZ is the community campaign seeking to have Heathrow Airport agree that after decades of aircraft noise, pollution and living directly under a runway flightpath that Stanwell Moor "MUST BE INCLUDED" in the Improved Boundary Offer Scheme [WPOZ].

  • Mission

    Our mission is many fold but with one driving aim and that is to ensure our village is compensated and the Wider Property Offer Zone [WPOZ] inclusion is locked in.

  • Aims

    Our aim is to get relief from airport blight and for Heathrow deliver on the services and facilities they promise. To bring the village back to the kind of place that people want to live in.

  • Targets

    To bring Councils and local Government services to book to demand they deliver the kind of services and facilities that we deserve and they charge us so much tax for.

  • The most important campaign in Stanwell Moor village history

    Welcome to the STH WPOZ Campaign launched on the 11th of the 11th 2017. It was lodged with the UK Government on the 14th December 2017. It has since grown to be a viable force for the good of this community.

    Due to the continued successes of the campaign and after 40-years of ignoring us. Heathrow Airports CEO, John Holland-Kaye wrote to the founder on the 27th July 2018 conceding a strong campaign is being fought and a strong case for extending the boundary of the Wider Property Offer Zone (WPOZ) has been set out, which has forced Heathrow Airport Ltd  to seriously and actively consider a WPOZ extension to include the village of Stanwell Moor.

    As the Sell to Heathrow Campaign continues to grow rapidly and is adopted by the residents of Stanwell Moor. This website plays an important part in our campaign and will serve as a visual reminder to Heathrow/BAA of the strength of support and the feelings of our residents for inclusion into the Wider Property Offer Zone [WPOZ].

  • Why Join Us?

    After 40-years of being ignored and watching our village being destroyed we are figthing for what the majority of people on this village want. - If you live here it just makes sense!

  • icon-sth

    Join the campaign that is fighting for compensation for everyone here.

  • Wants

    An end to taxis, trucks, filth and mess on our village and holiday parkers.

  • Action

    The Council to stop HGV's. Stop (any) incinerator plans and fix our roads.

  • icon-justice
    And Results

    From Heathrow and the Council to deliver better services and facilities.

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CHRISTMAS 2018. Jim is presented with a Pride of Spelthorne Award. In recognition of all the work he's doing for OUR Village!   Support WPOZ!