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Taking the campaign to Heathrow head-on to ensure after decades of airport blight that the people of Stanwell Moor get what they deserve. Inclusion into the WPOZ.

The Sell to Heathrow Campaign started on the 11th of the 11th 2017 and I thank everyone for their support. So Welcome to the Sell To Heathrow community group lobbying BAA and Heathrow Airport for better services and facilities and the inclusion of Stanwell Moor into the Wider Property Offer Zone.

This page is to explain why I need your support and why if you live on Stanwell Moor you should become a supporter. A member who is supporting this great campaign that requires that any Heathrow Airport expansion plan to  'include' Stanwell Moor in the Wider Property Offer Zone.

Sell To Heathrow is fighting to force Heathrow Airport to acknowledge the blight this village has suffered for 40-years  and to finally commit to Compensate People and make our village a Better Place To Live!


While the proposed runway is toward Colnbrook, some surprisingly 'outlying areas' never previously affected by the airport are included into the Wider Property Offer Zone. - Yet Stanwell Moor the most blighted airport village that has lived directly under a runway for (decades) has so far been ignored!

STH is fighting to put this right. To ensure that "THE BEST DEAL" is struck for Stanwell Moor residents, because "WE ARE NOT" prepared to be walked over or ignored anymore! The Campaign is officially recognised by Westminster, it has the support of our MP Kwasi Kwarteng, the support of Spelthorne Council and we are widely published in the media. In just fifteen months STH has become more visible than similar Heathrow campaigns that have run for many years!

SO PLEASE, tell your friends and neighbours just how POWERFUL STH has become. How it's helping our residents and growing.

*Heathrow Airport, *Spelthorne Council, *Surrey County Council. All "NOW REALISE" this is a Movement determined to achieve its aims and they cannot ignore it.

With our Westminster MP, the Councils and the Press supporting us and Heathrow Airports CEO John Holland-Kaye personally congratulating me on running a strong campaign and conceding that STH has changed the mindset at HAL board level.

Heathrow never thought they'd have to reconsider one of their flagship schemes but they do and it's STH that's making them do that.

We are in a great place and Stanwell Moor has a strong representative but there is still much to do, where Stanwell Moor has a strong representative who are sure of what they want.

If the residents here are united and support STH I believe I can make the most important campaign that Stanwell Moor has ever known happen.

So PLEASE ????


Become a Supporter. Join the Community. Have your say and get involved in a generational project that is arguably the most important campaign for everyone on this village. We believe 1st June 2019 is a potential deadline day. - And Together "We Can" Make A Difference!

Remember as we clearly pointed out in the Sell To Heathrow newsletter. The entire campaign is about lobbying for better services, for better facilities and a better, future Stanwell Moor for the people who live here. It's also about getting BAA/Heathrow to acknowledge and commit to a promise to buy our homes at 25% over market value and pay legal or other associated costs.

Should we be successful, while you will not be obligated to sell, every homeowner will have that option (and that option is what I'm fighting for). Once granted each homeowner can exercise that option to relocate elsewhere or stay on what I hope will be a better Moor.

The Choice will be for Every Individual. - But that Choice Will Be 100% Yours! 

If you want the opportunity to have a better Stanwell Moor coupled with a potential 25% windfall - Here is an example of what that might mean with our approximate comparable values for different style properties  below:

1 Bed flat: -
2 Bed Flat: -
1 Bed Starter Home: -
3 Bed Terrace: -
3 Bed Semi: -
3 Bed Detached: -
4 Bed Detached: -
Larger: -

Stanwell Moor

£100,000 +

  • 1-Bed Starter Home
  • 1-Bed Flat
  • 2-Bed Flat
  • 2-Bed Terrace
  • 2-Bed Maisonette
  • 3-Bed Terrace
  • 3-Bed Semi Detached
  • 3-Bed Detached
  • 4-Bed Detached
  • Larger

Stanwell Village

£100,000 +

  • Feature 1


£100,000 +

  • Feature 1


£100,000 +

  • Feature 1

Why should I join and what is it worth to me?

Two very good reasons. You can help build a network that Heathrow has to listen to and must act on in our favour.

What will it cost?

STH is now a Membership Site? - We are working memberships packages where residents will be asked to pay a small monthly fee to allow me to continue the campaign in 2019. We are further spreading any costs to a monthly scheme to help. Fees donation per household will be used to allow me to continue to represent you, cover costs and expenses, to manage and maintain the website and pay ancillary costs for marketing materials, pay for ongoing monthly commitments and help the founder to continue to manage the campaign. - Please view the Why Membership Page for further information.

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CHRISTMAS 2018. Jim is presented with a Pride of Spelthorne Award. In recognition of all the work he's doing for OUR Village!   Support WPOZ!