• Let's make this village a better place to live


    Join the Stanwell Moor Community Campaign to ensure that our village has reduced blight, better facilities, property compensation and is included into Heathrow's Wider Property Offer Zone [WPOZ].

  • The Only Campaign in the COUNTRY taking on Heathrow to EXTEND the WPOZ!

  • You don't need to sell to add 25% to your home value. But you need to be In, to Win. - So Register Today! 

  • Taxi Blight

    Working to remove taxis and holiday parkers who use our village as a FREE parking zone.

  • Transport Services

    We live under the flight path. We need better connectivity to Heathrow and local towns.

  • Help House Owners

    Sale prices have fallen. Uncertainty at Heathrow the reason. We need a resolution.

  • " Let's all work together to make Stanwell Moor a community again"

    "Let's mend the damage that has been done by Heathrow by working together to bring back the community spirit we once had. Help me make the campaign the success everyone wants and make our village a positive, proactive place, a place people enjoy and want to live! "

  • truck-icon-80
    Commercial Vehicles

    Create a no go areas for the commercial vehicles that rumble through our village.

  • Waste Disposal

    Stop commercial trucks that stop traffic flow on our roads and are a danger to our residents.

  • Residents

    Keep up-to-date with all the campaign news and what's happening in your village.

  • Why Subscribe?

    We're a community fighting against airport related blight. Your subscription plays a vital part to keep going the campaign for our inclusion into Heathrow's Wider Property Offer Zone [WPOZ].

  • community

    What would make Stanwell Moor an attractive place to live in again?

  • innovate
    Your Ideas

    What would you like to see and what would make this village better?

  • user
    Better Services

    What services or new facilities do we need. What about Heathrow links?

  • funding
    Community Projects

    Let's make positive changes to our community, where everyone can get involved?

  • 1,200


  • 500


  • 365

    Homes Registered

  • 73%

    So Far Want WPOZ

  • What Our Residents Say

    Real testimonials from real people living on Stanwell Moor. Telling it like it is!

  • pic-anita

    Anita McIlroy


"The Village has changed and not for the better. Planes, taxis, lorries and now we have recycling blight. Noise and pollution is worse. Heathrow has let us all down and he took them on on his own. I'm proud of him! - AM Hithermoor Road."

  • Diet-Testimonial4-free-img

    Steven Dunn


"Jim realised there was an opportunity to fight for  better facilities, better services and get compensation for this village, if we all got together as a community when no-one else did. He started this campaign, paid for everything and built this site, so I support it! - SD Horton Road."

  • pic-tom3

    Tom Brooker


"I'd pay whatever is needed and more, to even have half a chance to make Heathrow pay for their part in  ruining this village. We should have had the promise of compensation for living under the southern runway decades ago!. TB Hithermoor Road."

  • pic-henry2

    Henry Evans


"Jim put his money where his mouth is and did all of the work. Ask yourself  (Who would have thought of this?) - He has created something we all can be part of and now needs your support. - Everyone should subscribe, - HE, Spout Lane."

  • Questions & Answers

    Here are just a few of the reasons  why "EVERYONE" on Stanwell Moor should back the STH, WPOZ Campaign.

  • Stanwell Moor needs compensation from Heathrow

    Heathrow has announced compensation for communities that have never been affected by the airport but as yet has not included the village that has been most seriously bighted for decades by the airport on a daily basis for decades. I am fighting for an expansion of the WPOZ to include Stanwell Moor.

  • What do we need?

    Stop taxis, holiday parkers and large trucks clogging our village roads. Less low flying aircraft, less aircraft pollution, less noise, and road repairs.

  • What compensation do we want?

    The same compensation as other Heathrow villages, including better services and facilities, free noise insulation and double glazing. Compensation for homeowners and all the benefits that the Wider Property Offer Offer Zone [WPOZ] inclusion brings for our residents.

Join, Stanwell Moor's most important campaign

Back the Government Acknowledged Campaign for Compensation from Heathrow, for Stanwell Moor!

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CHRISTMAS 2018. Jim is presented with a Pride of Spelthorne Award. In recognition of all the work he's doing for OUR Village!   Support WPOZ!